The aim of the show is to invite kids, friends & families to step out of their comfort zone and experience moments of Art & Laughter.

Through interactive dancing, singing, live music & creative content. Bullet points show goals:

  • Break the ice between slime planet Team and Visitors.
  • Invite kids and parents to get out of their comfort zone through Music, dancing, singing & clapping.
  • Encourage kids to trigger their untapped Musical ears.
  • Have enormous fun.
  • Stimulate the unity of families and strengthen the bond between parents & kids.
  • Remember that you are loved & valuable at Slime Planet. Everyone is a star.

Slime Dancers, that lifts the vibes up and align the message of the show.

Super Slime, is created to inspire kids with strength & power, he is a superhero.

Princess Slime, is the character to inspire femineity & sweetness with her elegance & magical attitude.

Papa Slime, the Father figure who is not afraid of asking for help. Mama Slime, the Mother figure where everything is going to be alright. Kiddy Slime, the child who loves to explore and discover new things. The family slime is created to inspire Family Unity & Love.

The Giant Slime along with all cast members will guide you to a slime planet of imagination where it becomes your second home, where you are Valued, where you are Loved and where you remember that you are a Star.


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